The SBC6410 is based on Samsung ARM11 S3C6410 processor. Low voltage Mobile DDR enables very low power consumption in regular operation and in standby. For embedded applications, the SBC6410 provides a general purpose local bus, 100Mbit Ethernet, serial ports, I/O lines and other essential functions, while integrated WiFi interface implement industry standard wireless connectivity. The small size and low power consumption of the SBC6410 allows its integration into hand-held devices, while its low price makes it an ideal selection for cost-sensitive applications. It is able to support Android, Ubuntu, Linux and WinCE6.0 embedded OS.

SBC6410 Specifications

- Processor: Samsung S3C6410, ARM1176JZF-S @667MHz
- RAM: 128MB/256MB optional
- NAND Flash: 256MB/512MB/1GB optional
- Interface: 1x USB Host, 1x USB OTG, 4x UART, LCD, Ethernet, JTAG, Audio, RTC, SD, GPIO, Camera, WIFI, TVOUT
- Operating system: Linux2.6.28, WinCE6.0, Android2.3
- Board size: 121mm x 100mm


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