EM210 Single Board Computer


The Boardcon EM210 single board computer(SBC) integrates a low-power 1GHz Samsung ARM Cortex-A8 S5PV210AH with Samsung K4T1G164QF chipsets and Samsung KLM4GIFE3B, delivering best performance-per-watt for communication, healthcare, automation, transportation, multimedia advertising, high performance POS machine, and surveillance applications.

EM210 Specifications

- Processor: Samsung ARM Cortex-A8 S5PV210AH @1GHz
- RAM: 512MB
- NAND Flash: 256MB/512MB/1GB/2GB/4GB optional
- Power: 5V/2A
- Interface: 2x USB host, 1x USB OTG, 1x RS232, 2x RJ11, HDMI, GPIO, LCD, Ethernet, Camera, 3G, 1x T-Flash card, 1x SIM card, JTAG, Keyboard, Audio
- Operating system: Linux3.0.8, WinCE6.0, Android4.0.3
- Optional modules: WiFi, 3G, GPS, Camera, 4.3"/7"/10.1" LCD with Capacitive/ Resistive Touch Screen
- Board size: 108mm x 141mm


EM210 Hardware User Manual.pdf
EM210 Burning Guide(Android4.0.3).pdf


EM210-a.jpg EM210-A1.jpg
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